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Star Promenade
Star Promenade Block of the Month  - Waiting List
Star Promenade is a sampler style quilt from the book Every Barn Tells a Story by Ann Zemke and Diane Entrikin from Blain Minnesota.  These creative ladies traveled over many miles and down dusty roads collecting farm family stories which they share with the blocks.
When you sign up and pay the $40.00 fee, you will receive a copy of the book, your first month's fabric kit and directions for the first block.  Each month you will get cutting instructions reflecting the fabrics used in the sample.  The monthly cost will be $15.00 and will include the fabric kit.  If you wish to choose your own fabrics the cost will be $5.00 per month and will include cutting instructions for my simplified fabric requirements.

"As You Like It" Purse

As the pattern states...this bag has unlimited possibilities for interchangeable, reversible and decorative flaps.
The cost for this project is $40.00 at the time of registration.  This fee will include the bag construction class and first month's flap patterns.   The bag pattern is available at 20%off.  The monthly fee of $10.00 will provide you with two flap designs, one pieced and the other simple embroidery with crayon embellishment.  Terrie has chosen a coffee cup theme for the embroidery patterns.  The fourth Thursday and Sunday of each month Terrie will be available for a class on the flaps.  The fee for these classes is $5.00 per class. 
Check out our Facebook page for a photo of two sample bags Terrie made for this project.


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